Sunday, September 28, 2008

Acne Treatment Products

Acne treatment products are those creams, gels, pills and other preparations used for the treatment of acne and all acne variants. Acne treatment products are employed in the cure of spots, pimples, zits and other variants like blackheads, whiteheads and rosacea. These acne treatment products could be home-based preparations [natural acne treatments], plants, roots and herbs [herbal acne treatment] or pharmaceutically prepared acne treatment products.

Most of the common acne treatment products in the market today are either herbal based or made from synthetic materials and hydrocarbons. These acne treatment products can either be single therapy acne treatment products or combination therapy acne treatment products. Single therapy acne treatment products are those acne treatment products that offer just one type of cure like pills or creams or injections. An example of a single therapy acne treatment product is Acnope acne and anti-wrinkle cream which is just a cream.

On the other hand, combination therapy acne treatment products are those acne treatment products that offer multi-pronged approach to acne cure. The composition of such combination acne treatment products include pills, injections, creams, facial masks, gels, etc. as one treatment. Several examples of combination therapy acne treatment products abound.

Combination therapy acne treatment products are good. Single therapy acne treatment products are equally good. Choose what works for you. The bottom line is that whichever acne treatment product you choose cures your acne without causing you unpleasant side effects and leaving acne scars behind.

Another point to consider when deciding on acne treatment products could be whether the product is herbal-based or made from artificial materials and hydrocarbons. While no type is bad, most [if not all] herbal-based acne treatment products do not give you unpleasant side effects because they are organic in nature. However, you must read the labels to know the herbal combinations of these acne treatment products to avoid ingesting or topically applying herbs you are allergic to. Artificial-based acne treatment products also do the job. However, where clinical trials were not fully carried out prior to release of the product or where such trials were inconclusive, you may be faced with unpleasant side effects that may be worse than acne. In other cases, such acne treatment products may be labeled supplements to avoid scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration.

In all cases, pregnant women must consult with their doctor before using any drugs and supplements including acne treatment products unless such drugs and supplements are clearly labeled suitable for pregnant women and nursing mothers. You will not lose anything but anxiety if you still take such correctly labeled products to your doctor.

By Nnamdi Agha

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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Helpful Acne Treatment Reviews

Are you frustrated with your pimples? Acne is a discouraging dilemma that many people grapple with. There can be moments when you feel that your pimples will never go away. Well, I think that you should try to get rid of your acne altogether, instead of just dealing with it everyday. All you need to do is find a great acne treatment that is suitable for your skin type.

Every person has a distinctive skin type and acne condition. One of the most reliable ways of finding the most suitable treatment for your particular skin type is by reading acne treatment reviews. These reviews are useful when you are looking for the latest and most effective pimple remedies.

I found acne treatment reviews helpful when my teenage daughter became afflicted with acne. It helped me to determine which products to try, and which should be avoided. I really appreciated the genuine information that is found in them. Acne treatment reviews contains actual results given by people who have tried the acne products on themselves.

You can visit a professional if you are suffering from serious pimple conditions. A dermatologist can give you reliable information about your affliction and your skin type. This information is vital in finding the most effective pimple remedies. Maybe what you need is an oral acne treatment or a topical cream like Differin.

Differin is a popular pimple treatment product. You can hop on the Internet to read acne treatment reviews that will attest to its effectiveness. Do not be frustrated when you buy a product and discover that it doesn’t work well for your acne. It just means that you need a different pimple remedy for your skin.

If you want the latest and most reliable information about pimple treatment, you should hop online and benefit from acne treatment reviews. This is the most effective way of learning about pimples and the products than can treat it. You don’t have to live a miserable life because of your acne. There are acne treatment reviews that can help you eliminate all of your pimples once and for all.

By Morgan Hamilton

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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Acne Treatment

Acne treatments are getting better and better to help both rid and prevent acne for people. There are many treatments, and it may take a few tries to find one that works well. Not every treatment will work for every person unfortunately so resolving the issue of acne may take some time. However, with the help of a dermatologist, a solution can be reached to help with the unsightly problem.

Many factors go into figuring out what acne treatment will work the best. Such factors may include the person's skin type, certain skin types are more prone to acne, the type of acne legions, and the cause or causes of the acne. Age can have alot to do with acne, as well as lifestyle. All things should be carefully considered with the help of a dermatologist. After this, a type of acne treatment will be determined for the patient. It is important for acne to be treated by a dermatologist as early as possible because putting off treatment may cause the acne to get worse or scarring to occur.

Treatment works to reduce and prevent acne from returning through reducing sebum. Sebum is an oil inside the skin that may help produce acne if it is overproduced by a body. Treatment also includes removing dead skin cells, and killing bacteria. As stated before the treatment differs for the skin type. If skin happens to be oily for example, the best type of treatment would be an alcohol based solution because it helps to dry out the oils in the skin and reduce the amount of sebum. If skin is normal to oily some creams, foams or gels. The creams however, moisturizes better than some of the foams of gels that can be used for acne treatment. If skin happens to be dry, it may be best to try a treatment that will add moisture to the skin such as an ointment or a lotion based acne treatment. The ointments however, tend to be greasy, so if you choose to use this for a treatment option, use it sparingly.

The most important thing to do to cure acne is to find a good dermatologist that can help you determine which of the above treatments will work best for you. Treatment is by no means instant. Allow at least six to eight weeks for treatment of acne to produce results, and even after this point, it is important to continue using the treatment to prevent acne from returning.

By Steve Morin

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Acne Laser Surgery Treatment - Acne Laser Surgery Treatment Pros And Cons Revealed

Acne laser surgery treatment is one of the most costly acne treatments currently on the market. Acne laser surgery treatment can cost as much as $200 a session with multiple sessions required. This article will discuss the pros and cons of acne laser surgery treatment and other acne treatments that work just as good.

The popularity of acne laser surgery for scar removal came about as a result of the discovery that that lasers can greatly help treat painful acne scar lesions by limiting the growth of the bacteria that causes acne and by reducing the secretion of sebaceous oil.

Acne laser surgery treatment is also known as Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation. Acne laser surgery is an effective acne treatment because the laser beam is able to seal, cut and vaporize skin tissues as well as blood vessels. What the laser beam does is that it can treat each acne lesion in a unique way according to severity and age of the acne lesions

However, that being said, acne laser surgery treatment is not an instant nor fast acne cure. Acne surgery does not appear to completely rid a person of acne, however, it can greatly make the appearance of the skin much more attractive. However, acne laser surgery treatments can take years to take full effect.

There are two main forms of acne laser treatments used in acne surgery. Ablative lasers resurface the skin in one method. Ablative lasers heats up and works to eliminate the top skin tissue as a result of actually burning away the skin tissue. This form of acne surgery greatly decreases the appearance of scar tissue.

The other most common form of laser surgery treatment involves the use of the non-ablative laser. Another term for this laser is non-wounding laser. Non-wounding lasers does not usually result in painful and harmful side effects of ablative laser surgery. It is also a very quick laser scar surgery which is commonly performed in a patient's lunch break with few side effects.

Acne scar surgery is an expensive treatment option for acne sufferers. I urge you to check out the website below to read my review of acne products. You'll be surprised which ones are scams and which ones really work to cure acne fast without laser surgery.

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Monday, September 22, 2008

Acne Laser Skin Treatment

If your one of many people who can't seem to get rid of acne, and your local doctor or dermatologist can't seem to help, you can also go for the acne laser skin treatment. In most cases this gets rids of your acne completely.

Personally I've never had the acne laser skin treatment, but as I believe is works as such; your dermatologist have total control of the treatment, and the procedure works by vaporizing your acne, leaving you with beautiful skin. I don't know the stats, but I think around 70% of people come back from acne laser skin treatment completely rid of there acne.

The procedure doesn't last too long, and you don't have to spend days in hospital, in most cases you don't even need to spend a night there. Usually the procedure only takes 45 minutes maximum, and you usually get to go home straight after. Depending on how senstive your skin is, your usually have pink skin for a couple of days afterwards. My advice to you, would be to avoid touching your face for a few days.

The results vary from person to person, so if you know someone who's had acne laser skin treatment done before and they didn't have a good experience with it, that doesn't mean you won't. The scars from your acne are able to be removed in a precise and simple fashion way, and the acne laser skin treatment nearly always achieves excellent results.

I don't recommend going straight for the acne laser skin treatment straight away, try different treatments, and discuss it with your local doctor or dermatologist, they'll be able to decide the best treatment for you.

By Thomas B Dean

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Acne Elimination With an Acne Natural Treatment

Treatment for acne has always been something of a debate. Acne is caused when the pores of the skin get clogged up with oil, thus causing pimples. Teenagers especially suffer from this, and search for treatment with urgency. The first step is to avoid all chemical and allopathic treatments, and take the natural path and use an acne natural treatment.

Apart from being more readily available and a lot less expensive, acne natural treatments do not have that the same tedious process of prescriptions and actually going to a pharmacy. Any acne natural treatment can be done from the comfort of your home, with the ingredients you are familiar with, and ones you can lay your hands on easily.

Acne is a natural skin complaint, common among teenagers, and treatment is sought after by millions of teenagers. It is an inflammation of the hair follicles and the clogging up of pores by oil. Lesions are found on the face, neck, cheeks and around the nose area. Six out of ten people in the world suffer from acne, from the ages of twelve to twenty-four. There are many types of acne, from blackheads to millia.

The 'Vitamin Treatment' as it so called, is an acne natural treatment that has proved to be extremely successful. Two important vitamins, namely niacin and vitamin A are used for this. 100gms of niacin should be taken three times daily, and 50,000 international units of Vitamin A, three times daily. This type of acne natural treatment should be resumed for a month. Vitamin E can also be taken in addition to Vitamin A.

Plants and fruits work just as well as an acne natural treatment. Orange peel and oatmeal help in exfoliation of the pores. Lemon juice, a natural bleach can be applied also, but not to be used as an acne natural treatment on severe forms of acne.

Before starting any of these treatments, it is wise to consult your doctor, as it is better they approve of whatever you're doing, as to avoid any adverse effects while using an acne natural treatment.

By George Spence

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Acne Care Treatment For Adults - Because Acne Does Not Go Away With Your Teenage Years

Here is some statistical facts about acne:

More than eighty percent of teenagers suffer from acne, from mild to severe.

That is a given though. Who among us haven't felt that bump in our face.

Now here is the grim truth:

Twenty-five percent of adult men and about fifty percent of adult women also suffer from different forms of acne, ranging from mild to severe cases.

This is relatively worse for some, especially those that are well into their thirties and forties, because acne is generally regarded as an adolescent's problem. People at that age have their own problems and acne should be the last thing on their mind.

But since we live in a world where a lot of times people are judged by the way they look, acne care treatment has grown to be a multi billion dollar business.

Adult Acne

But nothing to worry about, adult acne is manageable and can be treated. With the right acne care treatment, you can have your face cleared up from acne.

The actual cause of adult acne is unknown. Many say that it most probably has roots in hormonal imbalance. That is why more women are affected by adult acne as they have more hormonal changes than men.

That is why many women and men seek out hormone treatments to eliminate the imbalance as their acne care treatment.

Some adults go for OTC medications as acne care treatment, like the benzoyl proxide.

There are also those that go for natural acne care treatment. They do this by changing their lifestyle and eating habits.

Whatever your choice of acne care treatment may be. Getting rid of acne should not be a problem for you.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Acne Comes in Many Different Varieties

Before you can treat your acne, it is important to understand that there are different types of acne. By understanding what type of acne you have, will help you choose the right treatment to control or cure it.
Acne vulgaris is one of the most common types of acne the affects people. This type of acne is commonly found on people that have very oily skin. Vulgaris acne alone comes in three different types. They are known as inflammatory lesions, non inflammatory lesions and secondary lesions.
Comendonal acne is a type of acne that appears without becoming inflamed. Hormones fluctuations, certain facial products or high humidity have a high risk of worsening this type of acne.
There is a certain type of acne that only affects babies. This type of acne is known as infantile acne. Infantile acne usually disappears a few months after the baby is born.
One particular type of acne that is very common amongst males is known as acne conglobata. This type of acne usually appears on a man's back or chest.
Acne mediamentosa appears due to a reaction from certain medications. Some examples of these medications would be anabolic steroids or oral contraceptives for women.
Acne excori is a type of acne that appears from the after effects of picked whiteheads or blackheads. The only way to prevent this type of acne from appearing is to stop picking your pimples.

By Paul Ghossain

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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Acne Best Natural Treatments–And Simple Clear Skin Tips

What is acne best natural treatment for your acne it can be extremely difficult to decide? If you have tried every acne product out there and it seems like nothing is working, it can be difficult to decide if any of these acne products were doing anything at all in the first place. Many times acne products contain many harsh chemicals that can irritate your skin and cause redness, extreme drying and peeling of your skin.

Today many people are discovering that natural acne treatment products do a much better job of treating their acne. Natural acne products often are non allergenic which help heal the skin instead of harming it. Natural treatment for acne is most often herbal based and help to heal your skin naturally.

Acne best natural treatment of acne usually takes longer to clear up your skin but will last longer than conventional acne treatment. With holistic acne treatments you will not have the side effects of man made acne products.

Acne top treatments – Acne homeopathic remedy
Following these simple everyday steps can go along way in a cure for severe acne.


One of the best ways to naturally clear up your acne is your diet. A great way to help fight acne is to include allot of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Your skin is a reflection of what you put in your body. Food that cause acne is manly processed and junk foods there are strong evidence that this will increase your acne.


Vitamins can help control your acne outbreaks. Taking a multivitamin with Pantothenic acid plus Vitamin E and Vitamin A is extremely helpful to your skin and can also help prevent acne scaring.


Drink at least eight glasses of water a day. Water is a great natural way to clear the body of all the impurities that can cause acne. Drink enough water until your urine is clear is a good way to tell that your body has cleansed the body of all its impurities.
Acne best natural treatments does not have to be difficult acne top treatment with a few changes to your life style you should be on your way to healthy clear skin.

By Dan Evans

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Acne Antibiotic Treatments - A Closer Look

Forget the topical acne treatments. The best way to take care of acne is to attack it from the inside out. The variety of acne treatment products encompasses the full spectrum of internal and external treatments and they range from gels, creams and lotions to prescription acne treatment drugs.

Because acne manifests itself on the surface of the skin, it's only natural to assume that the place to begin to eliminate it is from the outside. However, regardless of the problem (i.e. any form of disease or imbalance) it's only logical to correct the imbalance in the body. Correct the source of the problem rather than the symptoms.

Correcting the imbalance within the body is the principal of how acne antibiotic treatments work.

Some of the older acne antibiotic treatment products did have a few unwanted side effects. However, these days, you can get acne antibiotic treatment products that are made using homeopathic, all natural formulas, making them effect and safe.

Even if you find the latest, safest treatment method, it is still critical that you adhere to the instructions. Taking more than the recommended dose will serve no purpose and could result in unwanted side effects so make sure you always follow the directions. Although, you want to eliminate you acne as quickly as possible there is no need to overdo it. You didn't develop acne overnight and realistically, you can't eliminate it overnight either.

Proper acne treatment requires patience and commitment. While acne treatment products will help you, it's your responsibility to ensure you follow a reasonable plan so your body has the time to use the medicine properly to assist it in healing itself.

Even if you feel the desperate need to speed up the process, please don't give in to those impulses. The acne antibiotic treatment products need time to work and your system needs time to cleanse itself of the poisonous imbalances that caused the acne in the first place.

Be calm and patient and let the acne antibiotic treatment product work for you, rather than against you.

Tip - For information on the Top Rated All Natural Acne treatment option, check out the links below.

By Dave Cahill

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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Acne Alternative Treatments

There is no clear account of the number of people suffering from acne. But the sale of medicines for acne is on the increase and this suggests that there is an increase in the number of people having acne. Acne is caused mainly due to the clogging of the oil generated by the skin. This clogging is initiated by a particular type of bacteria. Most treatments and ointments available for acne concentrate more on removing the scars. This means that the bacteria responsible for acne still remain there. This has led to people looking for alternative acne treatment. Most of the alternative acne treatment mainly tries to eliminate the bacteria responsible for acne.

One of the greatest advantages with the alternative acne treatments is that they are devoid of side effects. There are several herbal combinations that have proven track record of curing acne. Once such herbal combination is the paste made of basil leafs and sandalwood. Another popular alternative acne treatment is the application of the paste made of strawberry leaves. There are several other herbal combinations available in the market that can effectively cure acne.

The main reason for the cause of acne is the deficiency of essential vitamins needed for the skin. Deficiency in Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid can lead to acne. Taking large amount of vegetables, fruits and vitamin supplements can cure acne. There are several cures of acne in naturopathy. Herbs, skin cleansers and vitamin supplements are the main treatments for acne in naturopathy. Another advantage of alternative acne treatment is that they are less costly.

Acne light treatment is another new alternative acne treatment. In this method ultraviolet rays are used to clear the acne. Alternative acne treatment requires cent percent dedication from the patient. Unlike other form of treatments, some of the alternative acne treatment requires strict following of the regiment. It is wise to take professional opinion before opting for any of the alternative acne treatment.

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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Acne Alternative Medicine - How To Find An Alternative Acne Treatment That Really Works

Are you suffering from acne and looking for an alternative acne medicine and treatment that actually works and gets rid of acne? There is no one singular alternative acne medicine and treatment that works for every individual suffering from acne. The best acne medicine and treatment for you will depend on the type of acne that you are suffering. Keep reading to find out some effective alternative acne medicine and treatment options that have given fast results for acne sufferers worldwide plus get FREE instant access to "The Five Basic Secrets For Clearing Your Skin".

Many people who suffer from acne find it better to undertake a group of acne treatments. The reasons people decide to do this is because there are actually so many causes for acne to occur in the first place.

Although not one particular acne medicine or treatment is said to cure all acne straight away, the good news is that there are a range of alternative acne treatments and medicines that do show good results in getting rid of acne. These alternative acne treatments and medicines that do actually work promise to deliver a clear and clean skin for acne sufferers. These alternative acne medicines and treatments do vary, however, below is a rough guide for common acne alternative medicines and treatments that actually do work.

ACNE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE AND TREATMENT OPTION 1: A very potent form of alternative acne treatments is a herbal acne remedy. This is a great way to try and avoid the side effects that occur with some chemically laden acne treatments. That being said, it does usually take around 30 days or even longer for a herbal acne remedy to really work so don't expect fast results. Additionally, there have not been very many studies into acne herbal remedies to determine how effective it really is as an alternative acne medicine and treatment.

ACNE ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE AND TREATMENT OPTION 2: Acne home remedies are proving to be popular as they are a lot cheaper than the much more price acne medicines and treatments available elsewhere. However, just as with acne herbal remedies, there has also not been much study conducted into the effectiveness of home remedies as an alternative acne medicine and treatment. Additionally, as with above, acne home remedies very rarely produce fast results. The good news is though is that they have far less side effects than other acne alternative treatments and medicines.

By Karin I Manning

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Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Breakthrough - Laser Acne Treatment

Acne is one skin disease that most adolescents and even some adults find great difficulty in finding treatment. Although many acne treatments and medications are available, there are those who cannot find the right treatment for their pervasive acne.

Laser Acne Treatment

If you are not updated with the new developments in acne treatment, here is one for you. Laser acne treatment is becoming more popular for a couple of years now. Many people are convinced that a laser acne treatment is far better than traditional acne medications.

Consult a laser surgeon and aesthetic dermatologist before getting any treatment. This way, you will be provided with the right service suited for you.

Laser acne treatment is popularly known as laser resurfacing. A laser pen is used and the concentrated light-beam is moved back and forth above the acne, vaporizing the unwanted tissue and creates a new skin surface.

Laser acne treatments are invasive, removing by erosion, melting, evaporation, and/or vaporization. For people having dark skin colors, laser acne treatment is not suitable for you. But others say that if you can find an expert surgeon, people with dark skin colors can also benefit from laser acne treatment.

In most cases, laser resurfacing is painless and safe. Very few experience swelling and bruising that is persist for 7-10 days.

Doing a little research just in case you want to undergo a laser acne treatment is necessary since there are no federal restrictions governing this type of laser treatment. Lasers are used for different purposes, which are why you should consult a dermatologist or a surgeon first. Check their background experience, you can even ask for before-after pictures of his previous patients.

By Hector Milla

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2008 Best Acne Treatments

2008 brings many new advances to the treatment of acne. These advances are noted in acne treatment devices as well as acne creams. In this brief article, you'll learn about what methods are being used to treat acne today.

Acne Devices

Acne devices, such as Zeno and blue light therapy have been gaining popularity among acne sufferers. These devices provide uninhabitable environments for the acne-causing bacteria, killing these bacteria, which in turn destroys the acne. A pimple without bacteria is merely a clogged pore, which can be treated easily with a decent acne cream. These acne devices work best for mild to moderate acne, but the treatment of severe acne is questionable. Since severe acne is rooted deep into the skin, Zeno has been shown to be ineffective towards these types of pimples.

Further research must be done to treat these nasty pimples. However, Zeno catches acne before they are formed, and it also helps treat acne in less than twenty-four hours. Blue light therapy has also helped treat acne by killing off the skin bacteria. The difference between zeno and blue light therapy is, zeno is a spot treatment while blue light therapy is a full-face treatment.

Acne Creams

Acne creams have been steadily improving over time. Since the 1960s, benzoyl peroxide has been the dominant chemical for treating acne. However, this chemical makes the skin appear "bleached," it stains clothes, and it only temporarily treats acne. Proactiv, Acne Free, and many other old acne treatments like to use this product to treat acne. Although benzoyl peroxide still works to treat acne, 2008 brings many new advances. Today, most acne sufferers are leaning towards using natural acne treatments, those that don't contain harsh chemicals that destroy the skin.

By Dan Adlam

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Thursday, September 4, 2008

5 Practical Tips For the Best Acne Cure Or Treatment

If modern medicine was perfect then the best acne cure or treatment would be one that prevented your acne from every occurring. However, this isn't the case... if you are faced with the challenge of acne, you have many options to help control or treat acne.

Most times, it can be difficult to find the best acne cure/treatment, but there are five things that can help you find one which will work for you.

First you need to educate yourself about acne. If you know what type of acne you have and the potential treatments that work for it you will have a better chance of finding the best acne cure or treatment for your skin. Not all treatments will work for every individual which is why acne education is so important.

Second is to start a skin cleaning routine. Many products are available on the market to help keep your skin clean and healthy.

Third you should choose a diet that can help control your acne. There are some foods that are commonly associated with acne while other can help some people reduce their number of acne breakouts. For a simple acne treatment, consider changing your diet.

Fourth consider adding dietary supplements to help your acne. Supplements such as B Vitamins, Vitamins A, C and E have been known to help acne.

Fifth talk to an expert. If you still have difficulty with your acne or if you have severe flare-ups then you should consider talking to a dermatologist about getting a chemical treatment or strong treatment for your acne. A dermatologist can often recommend the best course of treatment for your acne problem.

Before you start looking for the best acne cure or treatment it is important to do as much research as possible. You should consider talking with other individuals who have suffered with acne to see what worked for them.

Remember that you may have to take several treatments before finding the right one since the best acne cure/treatment depends on your skin type and acne condition.

By Patty Flowers

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

3 Things You Need To Consider Before Receiving An Acne Scar Removal Treatment

If you have many scars and blemishes and even those ugly craters and holes on your face, you seriously need to do something about them. This is because those scars can really hurt your and lower your self-confidence and make you look bad in public. Acne scar removal treatment is highly recommended to remove those traces of ugly scars on your face and restore beauty to your skin. The process usually takes just a few days.

Now, there are a few things that you need to take into consideration before you try out acne scar removal treatment as not everyone is suitable for this type of treatment.
1. Health

2. Age

3. Cost

Yes, your health and age do have some impact on the type of acne scar removal treatment you're capable of receiving. Some treatment uses strong chemicals that certain type of people are unable to tolerate. If you have a bad medical history, you will also need to take that into consideration because acne scar removal might be bad for your health. In either case, you will need to consult a dermatologist to determine the best course of action.

You can also try searching online for the right information about your skin condition and determine if acne scar removal is the kind of treatment you want to receive. The cost of having an acne scar removal treatment will depend on the type of treatment that is suitable for you and the extend of damages on your skin. Again, you can ask a dermatologist to assess the actual cost of receving an acne scar removal treatment before making any decision.

By Rippa Sama

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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

3 Acne Natural Treatments That Really Work

Natural treatments for acne are never publicized in commercials but God knows a little something about clearing up your skin problems. With that said, you're going to need an acne natural treatment that will clean your pores thoroughly. Any treatment that does this must make sure that your skin stays healthy by stopping any blemish causing germs before they get started. There are many natural treatments for stubborn skin problems that you can use at home. I will highlight several of them for you in this article. Let's get started -

Acne Natural Treatment #1:

A raw potato is an ideal natural treatment for your acne problems, especially for whiteheads.

Acne Natural Treatment #2:

Apply green-tea bags to the skin directly on and around skin blemishes

Acne Natural Treatment #3:

Use almond oil to re-hydrate your skin after using any acne treatment.

These simple suggestions can provide relief to many of ones acne problems. Need more acne natural treatments? There are countless sources and recipes that you can find for acne natural treatments just by doing a search on the internet. In fact, many fully-detailed acne natural treatments can be found at which is a site solely devoted to natural acne herbal remedies. In God’s creation there are many remedies for the things that ail us. I have covered just a few of the very effective ones here. If you can clear up your pimples, zits and blemishes with an acne natural treatment, you'll be much better off!

By David Gilmor

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