Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Blue Light Laser Acne Treatment - Is it Right For You? - Truth Revealed

Blue light laser acne treatment is one of the newest and most effective ways of treating acne. For many who have found little to no success through the use of pills, creams and other acne related products this alternative treatment method has been quite effective. Although it can be more expensive than traditional remedies blue light laser acne treatment is quickly gaining popularity.

Blue light laser acne treatment is an effective method of eliminating pimples, and other acne related blemishes because it targets the bacteria that is at the root of acne growth. It does this through a two stage process.

The first stage involves pre-treatment. This involves you to sit between two and three feet from the blue light bulb for about 15 minutes. It is important to mention that individuals are advised to wash and dry their faces before undergoing the procedure.

The second phase of treatment is called the treatment proper. After being exposed to the blue light you will be advised to use the red light to help rejuvenate the skin and to keep it looking healthy.

The blue light laser acne treatment is really quite simple but there are a few important things to remember. First off, aside from washing your face, you need to have proper shields over your eyes. These are to protect the optic nerves. Failure to use proper eye protection can have a negative affect on your eyesight.

Another thing to consider is turning your head or body so that all affected areas are getting an equal amount of the blue light treatment. This can help facilitate the death of acne causing bacteria.

Blue light laser acne treatment is a painless way of curing acne. It is also gaining much popularity because it is an all natural treatment that has no side effects like those associated with harmful drugs. It is safe for all ages and highly recommended by most dermatologists.

By John Robert

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Sunday, September 27, 2009

Various Types of Acne Scar Treatment

There are a number of acne scar treatments available to choose from. If you do have acne scars it is important that you look at the type of skin you have, the cost of the treatment and the severity of the acne scars before deciding on a particular treatment. Before beginning any acne scar treatment it is important that you discuss your options with a dermatologist who can better inform you of what you need to do to rid yourself of those scars.

The acne scar treatments that are currently available are:

* Collagen injection - Collagen is injected under the skin to fill soft, deep scars. This does not work well for ice pick scars or keloids and should be used for very superficial type of scars.
* Fat transfer - This acne scar treatment is when fat is taken from another part of your body and injected beneath the skin to raise up the depressed acne scars on your face.
* Dermabrasion - One of the most effect acne scar treatments, it is a high speed brush that is used to alter the depth of the scars and remove superficial scarring. It does not work well on deep ice pick scars or on dark skinned individuals.
* Microdermabrasion - A relatively new acne scar treatment, microdermabrasion uses aluminum oxide crystals that are passed through a vacuum tube to remove some of the surface skin to make the scarring less noticeable. This may not work on extremely deep scars.
* Laser Treatment - This treatment reconfigures scar tissue and reduces the redness in the scarring. It can remove some of the tissue as well making the scar almost invisible. There may be some redness for several months after this acne scar treatment.
* Skin surgery - For extreme ice pick scars, this surgery can be used as an acne scar treatment by "punching" out the scar from the inside and by using skin graphs to eliminate the scar. One of the most effective, albeit invasive procedures.

By David M. Campbell

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