Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Movement As Best Natural Acne Treatment

What does movement have to do with the acne at all? How does movement actually benefits the best natural acne treatment? Few years later I would ask the same question.

Let me try to explain here.

Human bodies are designed to move. Everything in the human body is working a better and more efficient with movement. Your body expels the toxins quicker, you blood flow and quality is better, your muscles and tissues are fed better.

If you ask ten dermatologists does sport and movement will affect your acne probably only 1 will probably tell you it will benefit your skin. Some may even give you a theory that will make sport bad for your skin. The worst part is, this story will make sense.

Let me give you another example how movement and action is part of the best natural acne treatment.

Imagine one big compound for car manufacturing. If it is in right motion - everything works on schedule. Materials are delivered on time, parts are distributed to the appropriate sectors, tests are made accordingly - everything is moving as supposed to.

Now imagine for some reason your parts distribution section is working slower. Some of the guys there are missing. No parts delivered, no cars assembled, no tests see where this is going right? Now imagine what will happen if more sectors of your body slow down?

Acne is one of the symptoms of lack of movement. And if you continue to lack movement it may get bigger and bigger issues. Acne will be the least of your problems! The good part is that with very little movement per day you can keep your body toned up. This is one of the keys of the best natural acne treatment.

Few simple tips to improve your lack of movement.

  • Get more walks. When having a break in work, or having a coffee or something with a buddy - walk for few minutes. Simple, slow, causal walk. It will increase the blood circulation of your legs and if you do it before lunch, will help your digestion.
  • Use those stairs. In my company everyone is taking the elevator. And they take it for 10 secs of stair walk! (2 floors). I mean, they waste more time waiting for the elevator rather than taking the stairs.
  • Go to your colleagues on foot. I know you can e-mail them or call them on the external. If they are 10 seconds away why not go to them on foot? First you will have face to face conversation which many lack those days and 2nd you will move.
  • Add some minor fitness to your weekends. Ten or twenty minutes of fitness (I mean fitness - movement, not bodybuilding) will help your energy levels, food digestion and skin tremendously.

Keep in mind this is only a step in the path of the best natural acne treatment quest. If you want to have good healthy life and heal acne on the run you should make simple changes to your lifestyle that will make your life better.

By Veso Mitev

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Saturday, October 10, 2009

How To Get Rid Of Acne Using Natural Methods

A Good Form Of Acne Treatment:

Ok, so you wake up in the mornings,
and you cant stand to look at your self
in the mirror because all you will see staring
back at you are bright red acne.

You go to wash your face, thinking that it will look
better, but you look back into the mirror, only to see
you acne still there!.

so whats are the best acne treatments ?

well, i guess you have searched the net countless times
on how to get rid of acne and different types of
acne treatment. Well let me be the first to tell you
that you should stop searching for the best acne treatment
product. Yes i said 'Product'.

What i am saying is that you dont actually need
any sort of acne treatment lotions, potions, pills
or face washes.


Well why do you think they dont ever seem to work?
because the companies who made them need to make money
so they know you will keep coming back to them.

I got fed up of this so i decided to just forget about
all these so called 'acne treatment' pills and lotions.
Instead i decided to do a little research.

And this is when i cracked the code on how to get rid
of acne without using any of these procucts.

Here's What You Should Know:

- Acne is caused by the foods you eat

- Acne Treatment pills Do Not Work

- Acne is caused by a lack of vital vitamins

- Acne can be cured by eating a certain type of food

Here's a Tip on how to get rid of acne:

Stop eating all those fatty and high sugar foods. Cut these foods
out for a whole week and i guarantee your acne will of reduced.

But if you want to reduce your acne and even clear it all
then i recommend a book which you can read on my blog:

I hope you put this information to use because this will
definitely clear your acne once and for all.

By Jani Ghaffor

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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Using Inexpensive Natural Acne Scar Treatment Options

It can be difficult to find the right types of natural acne scar treatment. After all, home remedies are inexpensive but often do not provide enough in the way of results, and engineered products found in stores can be harmful for your skin or expensive for your wallet! However, there are a number of acne scars natural treatment products that won't break your budget while they improve your complexion. Here are a few that you may want to look into if you have problems with acne scarring on your skin.

Natural treatment for acne scarring products

Bioskincare is a natural treatment for acne scar product that can rejuvenate skin that is plagued by acne scars (even severe types of scars, such as "ice pick scars") with an effect that causes a diminished appearance of such blemishes. The product accomplishes this by using biological enzymes and natural amino acids to renew damaged skin and eliminate scars as well as dead skin cells.

Afterward, the product's natural ingredients allow it to fuse the skin cells and improve the skin's production of natural peptides, which takes away the redness and severity that make many acne scars so noticeable and annoying to deal with. You can get various products from this line starting at around $50 or so, which is a good price in comparison to similar products that accomplish far less.

Zenmed's scar treatment kit is another way to utilize a lot of natural ingredients to limit the appearance of acne scars as well as a host of other types of skin blemishes. Aside from acne scars, you can also ease the appearance of (or remove altogether) issues such as dark spots, freckling and spotting resulting from sun exposure, as well as general skin effects related to aging. The microdermabrasion complex itself is assisted by comfrey and green tea, which are two natural ingredients that have a number of wonderful effects on the body. A Zenmed kit will run you about $60, which again is a very good value.

These are just a couple of the inexpensive natural acne scar treatment choices that are available to those who need them. You should definitely consider these as well as other products if you have had problems with acne leaving scars on your skin that you want to remove or diminish in appearance. Many have already used these acne scarring natural treatment products with great success, and you can join them if you feel that these products will work for you.

By Cavyl Stewart

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