Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is Laser Skin Treatment For Acne Your Best Option?

There are many different options that you have available whenever it comes to skin acne treatments. As a matter of fact, these options range from using a medicated cream to more extreme options, such as laser skin treatment for acne or chemical peels. Although any of these can help with the treatment of acne, it is really up to the individual exactly how far they want to take the treatment.

Unfortunately, acne tends to be one of those problems that just seems to stick around for a very long period of time. Even with treatment, it may take several years before the acne actually clears up and it may clear up on its own before the treatment takes care of it for you. One treatment, however, that many individuals have used is laser skin treatment for acne.

Although acne is one of the most commonly treated problems with this type of laser surgery, it also helps with such things as rosacea and other skin diseases. Most importantly, up to 90% of the patients to go through with this type of treatment actually see a marked improvement in the amount of acne that is on their skin.

Finally, this laser treatment can not only help you with the immediate problem of acne but it may actually be able to take care of any acne scarring that has begun to occur. As a result, not only will you have short-term benefits but you will have benefits that you can enjoy throughout your lifetime.

By Adrian Mitchell

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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Best Acne Treatment Is Customized To You

Acne Treatment, Having to deal with Acne can be really difficult to do. Our face is our most social aspect of our body. We want people to feel comfortable looking at us and we want to feel comfortable communicating. A big zit or pimples can cause us to feel less confident about our ability to be social. This can even affect ones love life. Not only does the opposite sex notice the acne but we are not as confident as we could be talking with them.

Here's the root of the problem. Acne is not always an easy problem to fix. Wrong kinds of treatment can actually make the Acne worse. The fact of the matter is someone with Acne already has sensitive skin. The wrong kind of treatment can lead to a breakout. There are many low quality products available that can cause your acne harm.

In searching for the best acne treatment that is available I've tried everything. From Accutane to Proactiv and all those simple systems you see in drug stores. What I found is that there was not one treatment that did the trick. One may work for some time but it seemed that the treatment effects on the Acne would ware off after some time. I would have to try something new. It eventually came to the point where I realized that having multiple acne medicines, cleaners and methods did the trick.

So what I advocate is if you have trouble with Acne and the same old acne treatment system is not working as well for you. Try something else. Perhaps mix in a new treatment method with what you are currently using. Most likely you will find that the best acne treatment is one that is varied and customized to what works for you.

By Timothy Alan

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Monday, November 24, 2008

Acne Treatment Tip #1 - Discover the Basics of Acne Treatment and How it Will Help You

Acne treatment comes in many forms and packaging. Some are presented as topical ointments, lotions, astringents with the main aim of acne treatment. Others sell services, food supplements and vitamins for acne treatment that flock the supermarket stalls. Many spend hundred if not thousands of dollars for acne treatment products only to know that acne problems do not disappear overnight no matter how advertisements claim a fast the fast healing process.

If acne takes months to accumulate and most likely starting at the onset of puberty, acne treatment therapies are thereby moot and academic after the puberty stage ends. However for some after bouts of acne, the skin is already prone to breakouts and would require a supportive regimen of acne treatment.

Yet before one decides to jog to the nearest store and spend money on products that rarely promote acne treatment in principle, one should know that the best acne treatment is one’s body system. Our bodies have a fighting mechanism against an invading problem such as acne. We only have to tap our own resources to act against the aggressor and promote our own internal acne treatment.

Our greatest aid is our own body in acne treatment. We only need to love and appreciate our own body in order to tap its potentials for acne treatment. Consuming certain vitamins and minerals and a well balanced diet can help the body promote an internal acne treatment. Likewise, drinking plenty of water flushes out the acne causing elements which at the same time aid in the body’s effort to enhance an internal acne treatment regimen.

Although I’m not saying that you should to stay away from commercial acne treatments. They have they’re purpose and they do work. But what I recommend that you first do is to try to work with your body and help it clean off the toxins. If you’re really interested in getting more serious acne treatment, first thing you should do is visit and talk to a dermatologist. Visiting such would dispel much about acne treatments myths and you might learn something that actually works.

To visit make your visit with dermatologist more fruitful . Try researching the internet for commercial acne treatments. Different methods and brands that you can think, see or heard that treats acne. List it down and enumerate it to your dermatologist and listen to her response. I’ll guarantee you that you’ll be surprised of how many bogus acne treatments are out there in the market.

By Harry Baguio

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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Cure Acne Fast - Latest Technique to Acne Freedom

Are you tired of acne? I know the answer is yes, but you should not suffer from it much longer - there are new methods to treat the acne and to ensure it never returns. This technique which I'm going to tell you is not about washing or applying certain magic chemicals. The turn is to find a treatment which functions typically for you.

It is very simple however the majority of the victims of acne do not understand the fact that the treatments of acne which function for a person can or cannot work for another person. In order to force your acne to release, you must wisely choose a treatment of acne which functions for your type of skin. The question roaming in your mind is "how to do it?" The acne is caused by these three factors: pores which are clogged, bacteria, and a certain kind of internal problem. By the solution and the treatment of the roots of the problem, after identifying what you have - soft, serious, moderate, ignited, black spots, whiteheads - there are manners that eliminate them quickly and indeed each type of acne, just by choosing a treatment which functions.

How to do this? The first stage is to discover which type of treatment you need is by observing your type of acne. Is it a zit that is not inflamed (painful, red and puffy)

To observe your situation of acne, to base your purchase of treatment is the best manner of treating your acne. Do not believe in the claims of beauty products. Try your best to know your acne, to know why these pimples forms, and then determine for yourself which treatment of acne solves the problem of your skin. It is the final and the best technique to only treat the acne by first identifying the root cause and it is the only manner that you can remain safe and prevent yourself from swindles of treatment of acne.

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Friday, November 21, 2008

The Benefits Of An Effective Acne Treatment

Isotretinoin, or Accutane, is a prescription medication that has be widely used to cure several different types of acne. It is derived from retinoid, which has been label a miracle cure for acne; it is even able to heal the most aggressive forms of acne. Efficiency studies to determine the effectiveness of Accutane acne treatment. Results are usually seen between 15 to 20 weeks, and taken one to two times a day, and the drug must be taken for a prolonged period of time to see result with Accutane acne treatment.

There are potential side effect from taking Accutane acne treatment. It has been reported to cause depression, and in extreme situations has causes suicidal tendencies. As is known, hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to acne out breaks, but Accutane acne treatment should never be used during pregnancy, as it has been shown to cause birth defects. Even though the results of the side effects of Accutane are still under investigation, and the pharmaceutical company that produces Accutane acne treatment has requested the result be reanalyzed, it is still considered a high risk medication, that should never be taken by pregnant women.

The benefits of Accutane acne treatment deserve some attention as well. It is considered a very effective acne treatment, that regulates the sebaceous glands and tells them to produce less oil and sebum. Not only is Accutane acne treatment such an effective acne treatment that it completely cures acne, but it has successfully been used for healing acne and preventing the appearance of scars.

Accutane has been used successfully to treat other chronic skin ailments, other than acne. Consultation with a medical doctor should precede using Accutane for any skin conditions. It should be medically determined if that is the best medical treatment available for any patient.

By Paul Hancock

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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Best Treatment for Acne

Unfortunately, the best acne treatments cannot be listed that simply. The reason is not the lack of availability of effective forms of treatment of acne, but quite the contrary. The main issue is to decide the best procedures for treating your acne.

Acne problems differ from person to person, especially in the nature of the breakout. Hence, the best acne treatments for one individual may always turn out to be inappropriate for another individual. Mild attacks of acne can occur in some individuals. In such cases, nothing more than simple and routine procedures for face cleansing can take care of the problem quite effectively. The need to investigate for effective and powerful acne treatments in such cases is not at all required.

However, some people tend to encounter quite serious breakouts of acne. Severe acne can result in scars that can become permanent without treatment. Psychological and emotional distress result out of these blemishes. Active treatment of such acne is essential, therefore necessitating the best acne treatments. It is difficult to ascertain which category one’s acne falls under without professional medical advice, and one should consult one’s doctor for such diagnoses. Otherwise, it is difficult to tell a temporary bout of acne from a serious attack. The doctor can prescribe the most recommended acne treatments that suit the individual concerned, including forms of treatment that suit YOU.

Acnezine - Rated as Most Effective Acne Treatment Product

Acnezine acne treatment is claimed to be scientifically tested and proven to give you maximum results. Teenagers, adults or a person of any age and gender can use this acne treatment solution. Acnezine acne treatment can safely be used to cure body acne, facial acne or acne breakouts at any part of the body. Acne can be used on whiteheads, blackheads, pimples, and it is known to very effectively reduce redness of the acne affected skin. This over the counter treatment completely dries all types of acne and leaves no trace of it. The best part is that the formulation is completely herbal and is free from any known side effects.

By Stewart Indy and Linda Giles

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Acne Treatment - The Best Way to Treat Acne

This report will offer many helpful ideas on the best acne treatment for you to use if you are on of the 90% of people who are affected by the condition in one form or another. Acne sufferers, for obvious reasons are very skin conscious and there are many remedies out there that are called the best acne treatment. The fact is that the type of acne treatment needed varies from person to person due to the differing skin types and degree of acne.

Firstly, what causes acne? There are many causes, but one of the most common is a increase of the male sex hormones called androgens. These hormones are more common during the time of puberty in both boys and girls which will enlarge skin pores, which in turn causes outbreaks of acne. Also, it has been proven that acne can be passed on from parent to child.

The most important key to acne treatment is skin care. Regular use of a adult cleansing acne product to gently clean the skin every morning and night before bed is the basis for control and prevention of acne. There are many natural acne remedies on the market, including tea tree oil and other essential oils like lavender oil, witch hazel, aloe vera, oral capsule supplements and natural apple cider vinegar.

With more severe cases, it can be very disheartening when these milder acne treatments don’t provide an acne solution. You may have to try a few acne treatments before you find one that works. It may be that you have to go for something like Accutane, which has proven to have been an effective acne treatment for around 42% of sufferers who have used it. This can take time for this treatment to work, and some people need to stick with more than one course.

By Pamela Arsena

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Friday, November 14, 2008

Best Natural Acne Treatments - Get Rid of the Acne Naturally

Even though natural acne treatments take time to cure, it is found to have a long lasting effect.

Natural cures are the best treatment for acne mainly because they are devoid of any side effects. Acne is an inflammatory disease involving the sebaceous glands of the skin. The oil produced by the gland gets clogged and this in turn results in papules, pustules and comedones.

The treatment for acne can start in your home. Changing the diet to include large amount of vegetables and fruits is a proven acne treatment. Skin reflects what is happening inside the body. Avoiding junk and processed food to a large extend can be very useful in the treatment of acne. If followed strictly, change in dietary habits can be the best treatment for acne.

Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Pantothenic Acid are essential for a healthy skin. These vitamins prevent acne and the development of scars. One of the best treatments for acne includes eating food and vitamin supplements rich in these vitamins.

Applying a paste of sandalwood and fresh basil leaves on the face is a proven natural treatment for acne. The clogging of the skin oil which leads to acne is caused by particular bacteria. Applying witch hazel after washing of the face and shower can eliminate the harmful bacteria. Another best treatment for acne is applying a paste of crushed strawberry leaves.

The best natural acne treatments mainly improve the immune system of the body so that it can build up natural defense mechanisms against the harmful bacteria. Cleaning your skin by natural methods can prevent acne to a large extent. While cleaning your skin make sure that you don’t use any chemicals. Hydrated skin is a major cause of acne. Drinking lot of water can keep your skin healthy and it also helps in removing toxins. Try to avoid taking nails to your acne as it passes bacteria and leads to scarring.

If followed with care and attention, the best treatment for acne is through natural means.

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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Natural Acne Skin Care Treatment-Cure Your Acne From Your Home!

Some of the methods may sound down right ridiculous and we acne-plagued bunch are brave enough to try any methods that work. These are the ones that I’ve tried personally and have worked out well for me.

Natural Acne Treatment 1

Squeeze a little toothpaste and stick it on your pimple before going to bed. It should reduce pimple swelling. It’s one of the most popular home remedies because it works!

Natural Acne Treatment 2

Sprinkle a dash of lemon juice on the affected area. The narutal acidity in the lemon will kill of the bacteria and balance your skin’s PH value.

Natural Acne Treatment 3

Grated cucumber placed over the face and eyes for ten to twenty minutes has been found to be very effective. It is especially effective for the removal of blackheads in your skin.

Natural Acne Treatment 4

Aloe Vera juice or gel applied over the infected area can greatly speed up the natural healing process of your skin. Over usage might de-hydrate your skin so be sure to have a moisturizer close by.

Natural Acne Treatment 5

Mix some vinegar and salt in a bowl. Pour a little bit in your hand and rub it gently on the affected areas. Leave it on for ten to twenty minutes and rinse off.

Natural Acne Treatment 6

Grind some nutmeg with milk and apply on affected area. Pimples disappear magically without leaving any marks or scars! It really works.

There you have it, 6 natural ways (you can find in your kitchen!) to combat acne!

By Dy Loh

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Friday, November 7, 2008

Great Tips and Advice on Acne Laser Treatment

Acne laser treatment is perceived by many as a one-time method of getting rid of acne problems permanently. For most people, acne laser treatment is the last resort. If nothing else works out for them, that's the time they consider having an acne laser treatment scheduled as soon as possible.


Acne laser treatment or ALT is a slightly expensive method of eliminating those pesky red spots on your face and body. ALT is more often than not part of a comprehensive process of battling acne. Meaning the popular belief of ALT being a one-stop-treatment is simply a myth conjured by wishful thinking. Although acne laser treatment can indeed be effective and has lifelong effects, some individuals who have undergone ALT find themselves in need for additional or extended treatment.

ALT is initiated by a technician and with the use of a small albeit powerful laser to blast away glands that are causing the skin to produce excessive oil. Although the description seems bloody, the whole procedure is more or less pain-free. And you need not be concerned about the exterminated glands because losing them have been scientifically proven not to possess any harmful effects on the patient.


Before you undergo an ALT, you must be aware that laser treatment will not make the acne already existing on your face and body to disappear after the treatment. The treatment will only prevent further production of acne, nothing more and nothing less. For the existing acne, you will have to rely on antibiotics to take care of that.


Nonablative Treatment uses a laser to go under your skin and stimulate collagen production and tighten the skin in the area. In addition to effective acne control, the treatment will give you better looking skin.

Erbium Treatment is the type that uses heat to pass through water molecules and consequently get to the patient's skin. This does not only stop acne breakout but removes facial wrinkles and acne blemishes as well.

Carbon Dioxide Treatment is said to be the best of all ALTs as it is able to remove all types of acne.

By Alison Cole

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Acne Treatments

Acne Tips Skin care tips and acne tips can help you take care of your skin. Acne Tips The following information can help you understand factors that may contribute to skin problems. If not, the problem may be wheat-induced acne, which makes any acne treatment unsuccessful. There are several acne myths that are not true, and several acne tips that can help you care for your skin.

Diet: A good diet is an effective tool in controlling acne, especially fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants, combined with adequate protein. An alteration or two in diet or lifestyle or treatment methods may significantly improve the health of the skin and body, which will help in the control of acne and related problems.

Stress: Stress has a strong relationship to acne and a profound impact. Coffee may be a promoter of acne and its consumption should be limited. When stress levels rise, it may be wise to reduce coffee consumption and achieve a reduction in cortisol levels which promote acne.

Milk: A smaller segment of the acne population may react to milk and/or dairy products. Milk contains hormones which can promote the potential for acne infections. If milk is a factor in the promotion of acne, you have probably tried numerous prescriptive and non-prescriptive acne treatments without success.

Antibiotic Dangers: Taking an antibiotic may be an easy method of controlling acne, when it is successful, but there can be a huge downside. Tips : most of your body is made up of water and it is a cleansing agent that will help fight off bacteria that lead to acne breakouts.

Can you do anything to improve your acne? You bet! Get information about acne treatment products and medications, and learn how to best care for your acne-prone skin. Get an overview of acne treatments and medications, and learn how to choose an acne treatment for your skin.

We have developed a major breakthrough in acne treatments, stay with us for few more minutes and read the following information to find out which type of products may work well for you.

By Jebat Ak

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Natural Acne Treatment

Acne is a terrible affliction that too many people are forced to live with. Acne is not a single pimple; it is a lot of clogged pores and, bumps, inflammation, and redness than can be very embarrassing. Using prescription treatments can often do more harm than good. They can burn and make the skin peel. Luckily, there is natural acne treatment available.

Natural acne treatment is made from all-natural ingredients. This means that the only natural herbs, vitamins, and minerals are used. It is always important to check the list of ingredients on any natural acne treatment. It will take mere minutes to find information about the ingredients and make an informed decision about choosing natural acne treatment. It is worth those few minutes to feel good about choosing natural acne treatment. Most natural acne treatments will work on all forms of pimples including whiteheads and blackheads. This is important to know when choosing the right natural acne treatment.

Natural acne treatment works in many different ways. People do not seek out natural acne treatment until there is an actual acne problem. So, natural acne treatment reduces redness and swelling cause by inflammation and also works to clear out the pores and restore a healthy balance to the skin. Once acne is under control, natural acne treatment will work to keep the acne from returning. It is important to follow through with natural acne treatment or the acne will return. Natural acne treatment will also help reduce the appearance of scars caused by the acne. This is an unfortunate effect of acne and can follow people for their entire lives, even after acne is no longer an issue. Natural acne treatment also reduces the appearance of scars.

Who benefits from natural acne treatment? It would be nice if acne were present only through those troublesome teen years. Teenagers do experience acne much more than adults, due to all of the hormonal changes taking place in their young bodies. However, acne can follow people into adulthood. Adults should be aware of natural acne treatment for themselves as well as for their children who may experience acne. All of these people will benefit from natural acne treatment.

Acne is not limited to the face. People can experience acne anywhere that pores can become clogged. When pores become clogged, bacteria thrive. This is what leads to the redness and inflammation. These other areas include the neck, back, and underarms. This can be just as embarrassing as facial acne. Natural acne treatment can be used on any of these areas as well as the face. Natural acne treatment will treat all acne regardless of its position on the body.

Natural acne treatment restores confidence. Natural acne treatment allows people to go out and face the world without embarrassment. Natural acne treatment helps people to feel attractive. Self-esteem is so important and natural acne treatment raises the self-esteem of anyone who has ever been afflicted with acne. There is no reason to suffer through acne breakouts. Natural acne treatment is available and will clear skin and restore that much needed confidence!

By Jim Schwartz

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

What Is Acne Laser Treatment?

Acne laser treatment is a method that has helped millions to get rid of acne. Each year, individuals find out that the over the counter medications that they get at their local drug store just do not provide enough help to them. They have likely tried several products and can not find method to get rid of acne. Acne laser treatment can actually help to stop acne once and for all for many individuals.

How Does It Work?

Acne laser treatment is just what it sounds like. The technician will use a very powerful and small laser to effectively trigger the acne. Usually, the procedure will be done because the acne is being caused, at least in part, by over producing oils in the skin. The laser will get to these glands that are under the skin and causing the oils and destroy them. While this seems harsh, laser acne treatment is virtually painless. There are no ramifications to having these glands destroyed either. Once the glands stop producing oils, the bacteria that cause acne will not have an optimal place to grow. This in turn effectively stops acne.

It is important to know that in most causes acne treatments will not necessary cure the acne that is already on your face or body. This will usually be done with antibiotics. Once the oils slow or stop though, there will be fewer outbreaks of acne on the face or body once these heal.

Scar Treatment

Another option for the use of acne laser treatment is that in which the acne scars can be removed. This very powerful laser can actually remove the top layers of your skin near and on the scar. When new skin grows back, it will be healthy and scars are either gone or they are not as visible. Acne scar laser treatment is fast becoming a way to get rid of acne scars that have been on a person’s body for years.

In either treatment, laser acne treatment can be quite effective. In some cases, there will be the need for several treatments to be done, though. The only bad part of acne laser treatment is that it is not necessarily cheap. With the several treatments that may be necessary, it may be quite expensive. Yet, even with that said, the results for laser treatments are amazing for many.

By Paton Jackson

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