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Know the Different Acne Treatments Targeted For Your Acne Problem

The best Acne treatment strategies for every patient should be customized according to the individual, as everyone suffers from a different form of acne. Acne lesions can be inflammatory or non-inflammatory. Non-inflammatory acne (comedonal acne) is in the form of whiteheads and blackheads while inflammatory acne is in the form of papules, pustules, nodules and cysts.

For mild acne sufferers, comedonal acne is usually present. Benzoyl peroxide creams are usually recommended for such acne as a topical treatment. These are usually available over the counter and do not require any prescription. If the comedonal acne is slightly more severe, use of topical retinoids such as tretonoin and adapalene would be more effective.

If the patient progresses to mild inflammatory acne, the regime can involve a combination of both topical medicines. Another alternative is to add topical antibiotics such as erythromycin or clindamycin to the treatment regime.

For moderate acne sufferers, they may require a first line treatment of oral antibiotics, with topical retinoids and/or benzoyl peroxide. Women may also have the option of starting hormonal therapy such as oral contraceptives together with oral antibiotics for more effective acne control.

For severe acne, oral isotretinoin is used, especially when the acne condition is unresponsive to previous treatment like oral antibiotics. Hormonal treatment for women can also be considered, either alone or in combination with systemic isotretinoin.

These are usually what doctors will recommend to treat your acne problem. Medications can be quite effective for some people and will make their acne go away for good. But not all acne sufferers respond the same way to the same treatment regime. Some may have acne relapses after they stop their treatment while others may give up after some time due to side effects causing them discomfort.

By Angela Tay

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